Marketing and User Experience

With my work I have to spend many hours in internet. Not only photography takes my time.

When I hear that marketers insist on some forms of advertisement, I compare all their proposals with my own experience. So often it is very opposite! Here is a digest of cases I want to share.

Visually for me there is no big difference in speed between 1999 and 2016 when I click “enter” and see fully loaded page. There are many reasons for this and all advantage of modern network speed is eaten by marketing decorations. Never ever marketers accept that page can be overloaded by ads, they will accuse a developer of the page, but never company, which provides ads from their servers.

And with this in mind I move to recent browsing experience.

I have no wish to put names here, I think the situations described are very generic and everybody saw them at least once.

agent of secret service watching through binoculars in the field

My purpose for that day was to find some manufacturers and related to them service providers and news. This was several hours of work. How effective it was? I have to deduct from this time all time of waiting for page loads, long due to delay from ads servers which participate in content building of those pages. I have to deduct time when I tried, and often unsuccessfully, especially on mobile devices, to close popups. Many if not most of sites I visited that day have covered their content with multiple popups, coming one by one. The worst case was accessing of a page with this scenario:

First popup – cookies info. Useless invention of bureaucrats. In reality it has nothing to do with protection of privacy. Ok, closed it.

And then second popup – car ad. Extremely difficult to close, the button was microscopic and not in usual position. I don’t remember which car it was even, I was trying to close this blocking the whole page popup. Does closing counts as a click too?

And after that jumped out a third popup – “like us on Facebook” etc. There was no closing button. The choice for user was or like or quit. Yes, I quit because I know from experience that I will always find an alternative source of information. And they really didn’t deserved the ”like”.

In other scenarios there were 1-2 popups. Mostly I could close them in 1-2 clicks. I don’t remember the content at all, I was thinking only about content which I have to find for my work.

By the way I started to collect a list of sites which are not suitable for visits. I think I can add them in firewall or another blocking program to not waste my time later.

And finally some sites I thought had necessary info. Short listed them. Closing popups, I had access to the text. Here I evaluate usefulness as 50/50. Yes, 50% of sites had not useful for that moment info after I read several strings. Some others tried to present their products and services in a different way and there was another split by 50/50.


I already lost several hours searching and trying to access the pages. I was already thinking about time pressure. I hoped that products and services have quick introduction to let me decide should I continue or not. That is respect of the visitor. In reality most of these sites had only one purpose: to keep the visitor on the site maximum time possible and not important is it good for him or not.

How they did this? Here are again different scenarios and everybody can contribute his cases.

Some sites presented introduction text only, no graphics. I started reading. After several seconds all screen was blocked by popup requesting to like them or share link or subscribe to their newsletter. To this time I didn’t decide yet to continue reading or not, because first phrases had no useful information. I had a list of selected sites and it was enough big. My decision was to not give them my e-mail or like them. I left.

Another group of sites had a page “How it works” with no text at all. There were only videos which I have to watch in a sequence to understand how good their product or service is. I tried one and got 30 seconds of third party advertisement. There were 8 videos. Btw, duration of video which followed the ad, was just 45 seconds and still didn’t convince me to watch other videos. I closed the page (forced, because they had a script, preventing closing of the page in a normal way. And it was usual agricultural manufacturer!).

Some sites had not a big text for introduction and infographics on their front page. Even sliding from left or right sides small popups were annoying, these sites come to my second short list to revisit.

Blocking popups often have the same purpose, to keep the user on site. Often with useless proposals, like recommending to go to another page. I believe after some time my eyes will not pay attention to any popup except antivirus messages.

Happy young person ready to sign a contract isolated on white

Finally I created my short list, collected necessary info. Prices and descriptions went to reporting document. Same day my client sent letters to potential manufacturers and services providers. Hope they can finalize the conversations and real contracts will be signed.

Who was out? All who tried to present something else to me but not the products and services which I was searching for and wasted my time.

I am not against advertisement in general, but when it breaks a balance of promotional goals and consumer expectations, I am voting against.

Happy browsing!

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