Folklorissimo Festival in Brussels

Beautiful Folklorissimo day on Grand Place in Brussels Every year I am waiting for this traditional festival. In beginning of autumn, in Brussels, always lucky with last sunny days this folkloric event gives emotions, expressions, and communications. In first day I participated as a volunteer for entertainment of children, but the last day, Sunday, was… Lire la suite Folklorissimo Festival in Brussels


Restaurants and tourists. It is about food!

What tourists are searching to eat during their vacations? A tourist’s view. This depends of course. And often people cannot describe why they selected this or that restaurant. We speak about tourists – street walkers. They rarely plan in details their trip, and during their promenades select restaurants looking from outside and of course not… Lire la suite Restaurants and tourists. It is about food!

Stock photos of flowers – quality

Flower is a special object for photography. In difference from many artificial objects, flowers have many imperfections and attract colored particles from air. Many other unwanted details should be removed from a stock photo, but natural, alive look is always preserved. Preparation of a stock photo with flowers needs sometimes more time especially for cleaning… Lire la suite Stock photos of flowers – quality