Reconstruction of wedding

Wedding is an event which requires special skills from photographer and organizer.

Reportage from this event cannot fail. Images of wedding stay forever with family; they become a part of family history.

Nevertheless, exist many cases when a whole wedding or just a part of the event is necessary to reproduce, to play it again like a spectacle. Reasons can be different and in reality fail of previous photographer is not in the list of main reasons. The mode, modern trends created a new type of wedding photography: reconstruction of wedding, enhanced wedding.


It was possible that your real wedding was in your home town, in your country. And now you have a possibility to have a beautiful trip abroad. You can buy or rent a gown of your dream, bring your friends, parents.

What can do a wedding photographer for you specifically for this type of event?

Artnethouse Images can organize for you all necessary for reconstruction of your wedding, including planning of trip, conversations with shops and restaurants, locations owners. All this will be agreed with you, and style and theme of your reconstruction will be selected according with many factors: your wish, character, locations of choice, season, weather etc. What looks like simple, in reality needs a lot of work, which will result in beautiful reportage. As a bonus we will provide a serial of photos with artistic post-processing. All possibilities which we provide with our packages including video are available for wedding reconstruction. More details about our wedding packages are here: . .

Our work starts from initial consultation which is free. We will need some details from you to understand which kind of wedding reconstruction you would like to have and propose our best options. On second stage we will provide you with a contract, where all details of the event will be included. During second consultation all details for the contract will be clarified and we can start with preparations. From our side we will do all possible for you to have a nice stay in Brussels or other place in Belgium, and live the precious moment of your life again.


Please contact Artnethouse – Wedding Photographer in Brussels to find out more interesting details about our services. Quality and satisfaction of client are our goals.

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