Restaurants and tourists. It is about food!

What tourists are searching to eat during their vacations? A tourist’s view.


This depends of course. And often people cannot describe why they selected this or that restaurant.

We speak about tourists – street walkers. They rarely plan in details their trip, and during their promenades select restaurants looking from outside and of course not asking references and not reading forums.

For a picky tourist who wants to eat something special, not waiting for a long time the first choice are small restaurants situated not on tourist streets but in quarters nearby. It can be just a first turn from the noisy bright promenade street.

There are many reasons to do that and some experienced tourists shared their way to find a pleasant place.

About location we already spoke. Other advantages are that often these places are mostly local food restaurants and yes, visiting a new country you want to taste real local food! Not less important is a price. It is much lower than in restaurants in tourist quarters. Not for all people it is important, but for many it is!

Interiors. Real local interiors. Often kept the same during centuries.


Last years it become a mode to reproduce interiors of medieval taverns. And for example, not very far from the center of Prague, you can find restaurants with food cooked by medieval recipes and illuminated only by candles. This light produces special impression, when this restaurant occupies a real medieval building. Time machine!

We visited several restaurants in Prague during our short stay and we were lucky to find special places to eat. From modern to really old ones. By the way, Republic Czech become a real attraction for gourmands from all countries, because of quality and very interesting pricing. In Belgium, for example, for the same level of service you pay 4-5 times more!  Clever politics supporting tourism and related businesses did significant changes to this country during last 25 years. This was especially noticed by tourists who visited this country several times.

Tips/services are very rarely included in your bill and it is up to you to think how much you can give for tea. Forks and knives are not arranged near to your plates, but proposed in a bug mug, often in vintage style. Portions are very large even for big men. You should be really hungry to enter Czech restaurant! Our evaluation of cleanliness – we give scores for Prague 8-10 from 10. And it is for all places, even which did not receive a renovation during last years.


Quality of food in all restaurants was on very high level. You will remember this taste.


Special mention of local fresh lemonades – in many cafe they are different even have the same names. You will find your taste.


We were very happy with our trip to Prague and we are sure to return there for more long stay to visit many other attractions, not only “must haves” for short city trips. Prague gives much more!


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