Vacations discovery in Catalonia – Lloret de Mar

Waited for a long time and finally we are in Lloret de Mar with Jetair. Destination – hotel Anabel. For our lazy tour we selected “full pension”. Very pleasant details: we were greeted by a rep in airport, and the bus dropped first tourists for Anabel. Our suitcases were delivered by hotel minibus, while we walked in from parking nearby. For new guests hotel organized a nice cold dinner at 23.00. Charcuterie, cheese. And then beautiful clean room, perfect shower. Beautiful view on internal “beach” and pool with changing colors of illumination and a small robot preparing the pool for next day. Pinacolada in hotel bar to remember!

bar on the beach in Lloret de Mar


First impression is that this small city is composed from hotels buildings, especially the center. Hotels take whole quarters, budget and luxury, built in different times, modern and with preserved style of the past. Then our eyes snapped more details about this charming town.

Promenade area in Lloret de Mar1


We did a small promenade in center of the town when we had our breakfast in a first day. That was just a first look which always records impression from the new place or new visit. Narrow streets preserve cool air from the night during first hours of the day.

street in Lloret de Mar

Shopping and restaurants

In the city communication is very simple, and for foreign tourists there are no problems: you always can find somebody speaking English, in cafes, restaurants, shops personnel will speak with you in your language. You will never lose yourself; just try to communicate in any language you know.

Center of the city is full of small resort shops, specialized on tourist needs. Luxury shops often can be found in old narrow streets. Pleasant note: prices for quality clothes are much less than in other countries of Europe. We really advise you to combine your excursions, beach time with shopping!

tourist shops in Lloret de Mar

Local people are very polite and always will try to help you to find what you need. No problem for communication even you don’t buy something.

restaurant in Lloret de Mar

Tapas and sangria are different anywhere, you will find a place of your taste. Last year’s the bars in Lloret compete heavily in decorations of cocktails.

canaletas in Lloret de Mar


cocktail in Lloret de Mar


Lloret de Mar is a small resort city with famous beaches in Catalonia. It has own ancient history. Remains of Roman period are regularly found during construction works.

There are many medieval sites, mostly churches and castles, in the city and around. In medieval times this town was often attacked by pirates from different countries.

History of Lloret de Mar as a commercial port known from 18 century now is finished. Some memorial objects now decorate beach promenade area of the city.

Catalan people are very patriotic and flags of Catalonia are everywhere. Even on cookies.



Lloret de Mar is a small city, but with enough attractions for active tourists. From medieval sites in the city and around to modern and intensive night life. Groups of young tourists come there especially for the night life. City has big amount of dancing’s and night clubs situated in center or near, always accessible by walk from hotels.

Church of Saint Romà built in 16 century. Restored in 20 century, this is mostly beautiful church building in Llloret de Mar decorated with colorful ceramic tiles.

church Saint Roma in Lloret de Mar

Tower of Castle of Saint Joan is known from 11 century. Restoration works are mostly finished now.

Maritime Museum has a collection of marine artifacts of Lloret de Mar region.

Hopital Vell – built in 1445 and headquarters of Brotherhood of Saint Elm in 1554.

hopital Vell

Beautiful Gardens of Saint Clotilda welcome fans of gardening. Perfectly arranged landscapes with breath-taking views to the coats rocks and beaches, fountains and cascades. You can walk there from center of take a bus.

In walking distance is a beautiful clean Mediterranean forest. Municipality did a great work to support this forest clean and healthy. Many charming points of view and promenade itineraries on the coast, in directions to Fenals or Tossa de Mar.

Sea attractions, catamarans, glass-bottom boats, shuttle boats are ready for tourists. This season seems can be exceptional.


Unformal discussions visited before booking will definitely help with your choice. Many hotels, many levels of comfort, but not less important is an atmosphere created by people. It is not a secret that hotels after some years receive their own clientele, and it can be different for hotels of the same level. Young people, families with children, families without children, aged people etc. etc. This can vary from season to season.

An exceptional finding for us was a Anabel Hotel, ****, situated in center of Lloret de Mar, surrounded by narrow old streets. In 1 minute you are on the central commercial street, but in hotel you will not hear the noise from bars and discotheques.



Most of guests were aged people, but weekend attracted tourists from France and Spain with their families. Hotel has beautifully done facilities for all ages. Pool for children is separated from the big pool for adults. We liked very much the layout of the internal “beach” area of the hotel. Everything was easy. If you are not hyper social and prefer such a special atmosphere, you will return to this hotel many times.

Anabel hotel pool

This hotel has another very pleasant feature: they care about evening time of their visitors. They choose a program mostly for every evening, from local flamenco group to invited perfect pantomime and parody. Dance evenings, classic and modern, give pleasant hours in this hotel. If you are not a guest of this hotel, you are always welcome for these evenings, because big beautiful bar, lounge and terrace are accessible, and the personnel will care about all visitors. In the same time, the private area of the hotel is well separated.

Especial thank you word to the hotel personnel, which does its work on a high level of professionalism. Hotel restaurant deserves a star! Choice was above expectations, same as the quality of cooking! Thank you, chef!

The hotel perfectly deserves its 4 stars and many services exceed this level. If your purpose is to have a calm, private place for your vacations, with one step from hotel program and city attractions, several minutes from the beach, travel services, nice environment, then it is for you.

Many things to see are situated in neighborhood cities Fenals and Tossa de Mar. Articles about these cities are in preparation!

Our conclusion

Anabel Hotel is highly recommended! It is hotel to return again and again.

4**** feels like 5*****

Notes to Anabel: yes, we need a more quick internet in rooms!

Our scores for Jetair: 5*****

jetair plane

All photos were taken by Artnethouse Images photographer. Editorial content. All rights reserved © Artnethouse SPRL.

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